Search function not returning known data (Airtable)

  • 19 October 2022
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**EDIT/UPDATE** I think part of the issue is my field in Airtable is a formula so I need to use Search Formula in Zapier. I am having some trouble understanding how to write this correctly. Currently I have…

{Client Name}="<TriggerValue>5. Output: Rachael Risch <TriggerValue>& " - " & DATETIME_FORMAT({Session Date}="<TriggerValue>3. Output:10/12/2022<TriggerValue>, 'MM/DD/YYYY')


And my formula in Airtable is…

{Client Name} & " - " & DATETIME_FORMAT({Session Date}, 'MM/DD/YYYY')




I am trying to use Zapier to find a listing on Airtable and in the test it keeps returning that it can’t find anything but the data I want it to grab is exactly the same as what it’s searching for. Any guesses why it is not able to pull it in?? 


Pic #1 What I am trying to build that is returning nothing

Pic #2 The listing it should be able to pull 


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7 replies

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Hi @nps_clt 

Good question.

The Search Formula be the same to how you’d write a formula in an Formula field in Airtable.

Try this for a Search Formula.


Change the values between the curly {} brackets to match your field names.

Change the values for the square [] brackets to be your Formatter output variables.



 I might be missing something very obvious but I am still getting an error. Here is my input


AND({Client Name}=”5. Output: Rachael Risch ”,{Session Date}=”3. Output:10/12/2022”)


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Hi @nps_clt 


First, is the value available in the View you chose? 

Second, try to copy the value from Airtable and paste it in Zapier, see if there is a space or something that we cannot see in the field (if there is a space after the name and a space before the hyphen we wont see it as double space) 


Third, maybe add <Trigger Value> to @Troy Tessalone ’s formula before and after the values from Zapier. He is much better than I in those formulas but just a thought. 

@MohSwellam Thank you! 

  1. The value is available in the view
  2. I am using a formatter to abstract the name and I did find some extraneous spaces there that I have removed. Sadly didn't solve the problem.
  3. I’ve tried the below versions but worried that I’m missing a small detail like a “ or [ in the wrong place...


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Glad that helped. Since you removed the space (also make sure its not in Airtable), now try your original setup (the value rather than the formula). also to make sure the space is always removed from Airtable use TRIM() 


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There is no need to use this:


Remove the [ and ] for both mapped variables.


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@nps_clt are you all good to go? 😃