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Same Product Name for All the Items in Quickbooks

  • 14 November 2022
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Hi Everyone,


I was working on Salesforce Integration with Quickbooks. I’m Integrating Salesforce Opportunity Products with Quickbooks. I have Multiple Products on an Opportunity and when I was trying to create Invoice for this Products, I can see that there is only one Product Name getting on All the Products of Invoice Lines. Does anyone ever faced this Issue?




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7 replies

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Hey there, @SharathReddy! Thanks for reaching out. We definitely want to help! 

Are you able to share a screenshot (with any personal details removed) of your “Create Invoice” action step? It sounds like it may be a mapping issue in the product line but a screenshot should help us get to the bottom of this with you. 🤗

Thanks so much and looking forward to digging into this with you!

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Hey @SharathReddy!

Based on my experience, I’d say you’ve likely mapped line items into all of the fields except the one for the product/service name. 

But also, if you’re doing that dynamically, you’ll need to provide these values (the smaller, lighter text) …


… rather than this:


So if you’re retrieving the products/services from somewhere else (like Google Sheets or something) make sure to also include the IDs from my first screenshot, get them into line item format using Line Itemizer or Text to Line Items (in our Formatter app) then map those line items here:


Hope that helps! Sounds like you’re very close to getting it how you need it :)

Hi @christina.d,


I was using Google sheet for Line item Products. The Problem is Only Product name is incorrect in quickbooks and other Fields are working as Expected. QTY, Rate and Amount are woking as desired in Quickbooks.


Attached the screen shot


Thank you @nicksimard 

I did as you said.

I see the same Product name for all of lines which is wrong because I have different Products in quickbooks. The best part is Qty, Rate, Amount is correct for all the Lines in the invoice.

is there any delimiter we need to use?


@nicksimard @christina.d as you see I can see different product names in Zapier but the invoice is creating with Last line item Name for all the Products in Quickbooks

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You need to be passing the Product IDs to the create invoice step. Right now it looks like you are passing the product names which QBO won’t understand. 

You can try adding a Find Product(s) action step before creating the invoice but that will only work if the product names from Google Sheets are an EXACT MATCH to what is stored in QBO. If this works for you, you can then pass the returned ids from this step to the Products/Service input.

Or as @nicksimard mentioned try adding the product ids to the spreadsheet

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@GetUWired & @nicksimard  You seem to be active AND helpful!

could you answer my questions at the end of this post?