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Salesforce Zap changing owner to Unassigned

  • 16 March 2023
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I have a pretty easy zap setup.  It reads fields from Survey Monkey then writes them to Salesforce.

Everything is working fine, except it sets the owner to group: Unassigned

Another post said that their zap was triggering the case assignment rule, so I set our assignment rule to not trigger with my account (The one the zap is using).  This did stop the case from being set to NEW, but it is still setting the owner to Unassigned.  

Anyone else experience this issue?  I was very excited to have zappier take away this manual task, but it takes just as much time to go in and change the owner back.




Best answer by MavTrav 8 May 2023, 19:59

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Hi @MavTrav, welcome to the Community! 🙂

It doesn’t look like an owner for the case has been selected so I wonder if that’s causing the case to be set as unassigned. It could be that it’s defaulting to unassigned when no owner is set. 

Could you try setting the owner for the case by selecting the Owner ID from the previous Salesforce action in the Zap? I’m thinking that’ll help to ensure it keeps the correct case owner.

Please keep us in the loop on how that goes!

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I added that item, I will report back if that has resolved the issue.  Thanks for the suggestion.

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Unfortunately the “Owner (Assignment)” is still triggering and setting the case to Unassigned, even with Case Owner field being updated with the Zap.  Oddly these cases are closed, and my Assignment rule is only set to trigger when a case is new.

Testing with Case Assignment Rule disabled does resolve the issue.  For us, we only have one case assignment for new cases “Unassigned” so I am going to do some testing with the rule disabled to see if any issues arise.  Unfortunately this doesn't resolve the issue if you need an assignment rule.

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Hey there @MavTrav,

Thanks for letting us know! After further testing, please keep us posted on the results so we can continue troubleshooting the issue.

Thanks! 😊

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Finally figured this out, and wanted to post so others can get some help.


In the Salesforce AutoAssignment rule, change “Run This Rule if the : Criteria are met” to “Run this Rule if the: Formula evaluates to true”.

Add the ISNEW() criteria to the formula.  This will only run the AutoAssignment Rule when a case is created. 

My formula that worked is:



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YAY! That’s fantastic news, @MavTrav. Awesome work! 🙌

And thank you so much for circling back in here to share details of how you were able to solve this. It’s much appreciated! 🤗