Salesforce error: Could not update the Lead record with ID, insufficient access rights on object id

  • 18 April 2023
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This is the error message I recieved:


Failed to create a lead in Salesforce

Could not update the Lead record with ID 00QEY000002AXHg2AO: insufficient access rights on object id

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5 replies

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Hey @Andrew.s ,


Can you check if you have access to create/update lead on Salesforce Dashboard? Alternativaly you can connect Salesforce account on Zapier with admin’s credentials.

Hi Jayesh,


I do have the ability to create/update leads in Salesforce. I’m an admin on our Salesforce side, so I don’t think it would be on that end.

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Hi @Andrew.s 

Jumping in to see if I can help!

I want to make sure you have Edit Access for the Object.

Also, can you please confirm the Salesforce plan you are on?

Hi Brem,


I should have edit access for basically everything(I can edit anything in salesforce to my knowledge). We are on the professional plan, so I hope that is helpful.

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Hi @Andrew.s 

I’ve exhausted all of my resources as to how the error message happened.

I can see that the Support Team replied to your ticket, and you’re in conversation with them. In this case, it will be best to keep the conversation going with them as they can dig into the error logs of your Zap with you to look for the cause of the errors.