RSS to FB Page - pictures are resized to 500 x *

  • 18 April 2023
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I have a problem with posting from our RSS to our FB page. Althought I am preparing pictures 1200 x 900 they always are cropped to 500 x *, so they are blurry on fb. The data out info in zap history shows the link to the right picture. What can I do/check to resolve this problem.


Thanks in advance.

5 replies

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Hey there @INTERmedia,

Welcome to the Community! 🎉

Before we dig deeper into this, could you please a detailed screenshot with how your Zap is configured? Especially, the Facebook step? Please don’t include/blur out any personal information in the screenshot.

Thanks! 😉

Hello @ken.a

Thank you for your fast response. I hope those ar the ones you are looking for.



The zap is working perfect it just resizes the pictures… 

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Hi @INTERmedia,

Thanks for sending in the screenshot!

It appears that you are using the "Create Page Post" action which might lead to the resizing of the image you are trying to upload. Have you considered using the "Create Page Photo" action instead?

Please keep us posted! 😊

Thank you @ken.a It looks like it is ok now, I will look further into it and if something will be wrong, I will keep you informed.

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Hi @INTERmedia,

Awesome, glad to hear it's looking good for now! Please keep us in the loop if anything changes or if you need any further assistance.

Thanks! 😊