Rows aren't updating in Google Sheets from Slack, and incomplete cards are created in Trello despite successful Zap execution.

  • 19 February 2024
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Context: I’ve 2 Zaps running Live to automate my Workflow. 

Zap 1: Whenever I save a slack msg, this Zap sends it to my Google Sheet as a new row

  • Input from Slack to GS:  Task| Slack Link| Tagged by| Date 


  • (Slack sends Date in this format: 2023 06 08 1:29:30) 
  • (In Google Sheet I’ve formated a Month-Day column that turns the above date to : Jun-8) 

Zap 2: Whenever a new row is created this Zap creates a task in trello 

  • Input from Google Sheet to Trello 
    Event in trello: Create card 
    Card title: Month-Day Column| Tagged by  
    e.g (Jun 8| Pallav) 
    Card desc:
    Check out this task: [Slack URL] 

Video Link: Loom (please check this)

Zap 1: 
Initially worked, after that the rows. in Google Sheet stopped updating. 
The rows are getting pushed but it doesn’t appear here. 

Zap 2: 
This works. New cards are created but incomplete.  
meaning in Google sheet, you won’t find this row, but it appears in the Trello card. 


2 replies

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Hi @Vaishak 

Zaps add new rows in the first blank row.

Formulas in fields make a row not empty.

You can add the formula in the field within the Zap step configuration.



Otherwise, consider using an app like Airtable instead of GSheets.

Airtable has a Date field type:

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Oh. thanks. That makes sense now. 
Thanks a lot