Remove Microsoft Dynamics from Facebook lead Ads Form

  • 14 March 2023
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Hi All, 

Please, we really could do with some help. It’s impossible to get any help from Zapier support!! 

Below is a screen shot. 

I have tried everything to remove Microsoft Dynamics from Facebook Lead Ads Form. 

  1. Delete the Microsoft Dynamics connection in Zapier 
  2. Rest the password 
  3. Removed Zapier access to Facebook 

And it’s still showing - Very annoying. 


I simply want to create a simple automation - Facebook lead ads and Mailchimp and I cant. 


Please help and would appreciate if someone from Zapier would ACTUALLY help me.. 





3 replies

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Hey there, @frgoal! 👋

Sorry to hear you’ve had some trouble in getting help from our Support team. I can see that they’ve sent you a reply asking for further clarification but perhaps that’s ended up in your junk folder by mistake?

At any rate, if you’ve already removed the app connection within Zapier it may be that you’d need to also remove the Microsoft Dynamic CRM connection from within Facebook Lead Ads directly. I found some instructions on how to do that here: To remove a CRM system from Meta

Can you give those instructions a go and let us know whether that does the trick? Happy to help further! 🙂

Hi @SamB  - thank you for coming back to me. 

I have done this ( nothing has changed) however it looks as if I also need to ask every admin on the page to do the same?


See below. 


If multiple Page admins have connected the CRM system to Meta, each admin must follow the steps above to remove the integration. If you follow the above steps and the CRM system is still integrated, all other admins on your Page may need to remove the integration.

If an admin originally connected the CRM system through the CRM website rather than through Meta, the integration must be removed from your CRM system. Please contact your CRM system provider for further instructions.


Thanks for your help, 



ps - I don’t have access to the email address connected to this account. Working from home today. 

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Sorry to hear that didn’t sort it @frgoal

Ah yes, those instructions appear to indicate that if there’s other admins for that page that also have Microsoft Dynamics connected to the page then you’d need them to remove it on their side too. And if that doesn’t solve it you’d need to remove Facebook’s access from within Microsoft Dynamics directly.

I found some instructions on how to revoke an apps permissions within Microsoft which might help on that front: Edit or revoke application permissions in the My Apps portal

Please do keep us updated on how you get on with this!