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Regression in WordPress action with new posts - new posts not triggering zaps

  • 16 April 2024
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I believe there was a regression introduced in a recent bug fix for the WordPress action.

See this thread: 

Yesterday, @SamB said that this bug has finally been quashed.

However the timing is suspicious as I and others have noticed that since Friday, we were no longer receiving new post actions/triggers with our zaps.

Could a regression have been introduced in this bug fix?


Best answer by SamB 19 April 2024, 11:57

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6 replies

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Hello there @davisshaver. Welcome to the Community! 🙂

Thanks so much for flagging this here. I’ve just checked on the bug report and it was definitely closed Friday, 12th April so timing wise it does seem likely that the recent update is related.

I can see you’ve also reached out to our Support team about this and they’ve escalated the issue with the team in charge of the Zapier for WordPress plugin. Us folks in the Community don’t have access to the logs for your Zaps here so they’re definitely the best folks to investigate further on this.

Please do keep us updated on how you get on with them. And if there’s anything else we can help with in the meantime, just let us know! 

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Thanks @SamB ! Appreciate you checking in about this. Have a great day

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You are most welcome @davisshaver! 🤗

I’ve just seen that they’ve opened up a new bug report to investigate this issue. I’ve linked it to this Community topic here so we can start tracking any folks in Community that are also running into this issue. We can’t make any promises around when this will be resolved but we’ll be sure to contact you by email and post in the thread here once it’s resolved.

For anyone that comes across this and is also having issues where Zaps using the New Post (WordPress) trigger aren’t triggering, please let us know in the thread here and we’ll get you added to the list of folks being impacted by this! 

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Hi @davisshaver,

I’m happy to report that a fix has recently been shipped to tackle the issue with the New Post trigger! 🎉

This should get your WordPress Zaps up and running again now. If you’re still experiencing any issues at all please do reach out again to let us know and we’ll be happy to investigate.

Happy Zapping! 😁

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Thanks @SamB, everything seems to be working again! I appreciate your help with this. Have a great day!

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YAY!!! 🎉 That’s fantastic news, @davisshaver!

Thanks so much for confirming it’s now resolved. Hope you have an awesome day! 😎