Recent change to Slack "Send Channel Message" Thread Ts that breaks following up in thread?

  • 27 September 2023
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Was there a recent change to how Slack’s “Send Channel Message” Thread Ts should be configured? Several of my Zaps started failing, despite me not making any changes to them.

My Zaps were configured with the following flow (screenshot 1), where “Follow up to message” would post into the original message’s thread. I configured this by selecting the original message’s Thread Ts as the value for Thread in the “Follow up to message” step (screenshot 2). This worked for several months, but started failing in the past month or so - at first only sometimes, but now consistently.

I was able to fix this for now by updating the Thread to use the original message’s Ts instead of Thread Ts (screenshot 3). It seems like there was a backwards incompatible change here. Is this a known issue? 

Zap: New message posted in channel → only continue if… → follow up to message


Before (now broken): using “Thread Ts” to send follow-up message in specified thread
After: using “Ts” to send follow-up message in specified thread


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Hi @angelagyang 

Good question.

Can you provide screenshots with how your Filter step is configured?

Can you provide more proof in the form of screenshots from your failed Zap Runs DATA IN/OUT?