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Re: Creating a Gmail Mail Zap

  • 31 January 2020
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Hello, I'm trying to create a gmail label zap, but when I test the label it doesn't work. Also, is there anyone at Zapier that helps you?


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Hi @RClay,

Are you getting a specific error message? Or can you provide a little more detail about what's happening when you try it?

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I was trying to set a gmail email zap were as when I receive an email from this certain company, it would pull the information out of the email and transfer it into my CRM. Can this be done?

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I was also trying to set up a zap that would notify me when a payment was received from my pa

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Does anyone respond to you at Zapier? I'm new to this and already I'm ready to cancel and post online how dissatisfied I am with the service.

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Hi @RClay

I'm not staff - but certainly happy to try and help. What you're trying to do certainly can be done - so let's see if we can help.

First off, are you seeing any error messages? Secondly, can you send us a screenshot of how you have the trigger of this zap setup?

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Hi Andrew,

I am a Realtor and I''m trying to update my ZOHO CRM. When agents show my properties, I receive an email from the real estate program. I want to parse certain information out of that email to import into zoho. It works when it's set up but when the email comes in, it comes with an error. The mail box is labled as

Screenshot 2020-02-02 08.20.14.pngScreenshot 2020-02-02 08.20.08.pngScreenshot 2020-02-02 08.18.46.pngScreenshot 2020-02-02 08.18.41.pngScreenshot 2020-02-02 08.18.36.pngScreenshot 2020-02-02 08.18.30.pngScreenshot 2020-02-02 08.18.19.pngScreenshot 2020-02-02 08.18.13.pngScreenshot 2020-02-02 08.18.07.pngScreenshot 2020-02-02 08.18.01.pngScreenshot 2020-02-02 08.17.48.pngScreenshot 2020-02-02 08.17.26.pngScreenshot 2020-02-02 08.17.11.pngScreenshot 2020-02-02 08.16.49.pngScreenshot 2020-02-02 08.15.31.pngScreenshot 2020-02-01 07.12.34.png

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Maybe later (if you are not busy with the super bowl) lol, we can do some sort of screen view so that you can see what I'm doing?

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@RClay - Parsers can be a little tricky to setup, because sometimes the email comes in slightly different that Zapier is expecting and causes it to grab the wrong bits of data, causing errors.

I'm happy to work with you to improve the zap and remove the errors (but it would be paid work) - so please send me a private message if you're interested in that and we can discuss details.

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Hey @RClay and @AndrewJDavison_Luhhu! Just wanted to check-in to see if y’all were able to work together to get things resolved here and if you had any insight to share with others who may be running into similar issues. Let us know!

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Hey @RClay! It looks like our support team got back to you here with the following:


If you're hoping to trigger on a certain type of email, for example, an automated notification, Parser by Zapier will be able to use the template you've set up to find the information we need and output it to the subsequent steps of your Zap. However, if the layout of the emails coming in changes each time the Zap triggers, Parser will fail to find and extract the correct chunks of information - causing some of the issues you’re running into.

If these emails are automated, is it possible to integrate directly with the system that's sending them instead?

Alternatively, since Parser by Zapier is a relatively simple tool, we've seen other users find success with a more sophisticated system such as Mailparser or Parseur, both of which have great integrations with Zapier.

I hope this information proves helpful and if you have any further questions please feel free to ask!