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QuickBooks to ClickUp zap isn't working!

I am having trouble with my Zap actually working. I have my trigger as a new payment in QuickBooks which is set to create a new task in ClickUp. There is no errors and I have paid for the service. There is nothing to trouble shoot. Regardless, the zap isn't working - it is not updating anything on clickup. I am logged in appropriately in both ClickUp and QuickBooks but to no avail. It appears it may just be getting their information exclusively from just invoice, but there is no way to change it to grab data from every invoice. Thank you kindly. 


Best answer by jesse 11 July 2022, 22:16

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Hi @Seb6161!

So sorry to hear that you’re having problems with your Zap. I see that you’ve written in to our Support team. I don’t have all the superpowers that they do, in terms of access to your Zap, detailed logs, etc. 

I can see, though, that it doesn’t appear your Zap has been triggered yet. Are you sure that a new payment has been added in QuickBooks since the Zap has been turned on? That’s what will trigger the Zap to run. So if you haven’t yet received a new payment, the Zap won’t be doing anything.

Let’s see what Support comes back with, since they can dig in a little deeper than we can here in the Community!

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Hey @Seb6161! It looks like you were able to write into support to work through this a bit further. I’d encourage you to keep replying to that thread for help on this specific question and in the meantime, we’ll be following along and sharing some updates to this thread for anyone following along with a similar use case/issue:

I'd like to ensure I am understanding what you are trying to accomplish with this Zap. You mentioned that this is what you are trying to do: 

1. make an automation that creates a task in ClickUp whenever a new invoice is created in Quickbooks.

2. Have the Quickbooks status of that invoice (pending, paid, overdue) appear in the ClickUp task.


In this case, the trigger event that you've selected in the Zap is New Payment. It sounds like you should be using the New Invoice trigger instead since you are hoping to create a task in ClickUp whenever a new invoice is created in QuickBooks.

When you have the chance, can you please try that trigger event and let me know if you see the right fields to map to your ClickUp step? 
Also, in any action step of a Zap (The ClickUp step, in this case), you'll have the option to "map" data from your trigger, or any previous step of a given Zap.
"Mapping" fields is like giving Zapier instructions, telling it what sort of information you want to go from your trigger to your action and where this information should go into ClickUp once your Zap is up and running.
The fields that are "mapped" look a bit like a little bubble, surrounded by a white background. That indicates that they are dynamic and will always change with whatever data is coming from your Zap trigger — once the Zap is turned on.
Looking at your Zap, I see that you have dynamically mapped your fields, so your Zap's data in those fields will change based on the information sent from QuickBooks Online.

Were you hoping to have the ClickUp task name look something like this? 
(view larger)
It is my understanding that the ID value from the New invoice trigger is the invoice number. If you would like all the task names to read "QBO Invoice Number: "Invoice number goes here,"" you can manually type QBO Invoice number and then map the ID values from the trigger step (similar to what I have in the screen capture above).