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QuickBooks Online estimate generates incorrect line items for multiple line amounts.

  • 18 October 2023
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Hello! Hope you are well.

I am facing an issue when generating an estimate on Quickbooks. I have multiple Line Amount, but only one Line Item/Product.

So when the document is generated, the Line Item/Product(after the first one) become the one by default.

Does anyone know how to resolve that? I have tried putting more Line Item/Product manually in my Zap, but it didn’t work.

Thank you,


Best answer by Elodiew 15 November 2023, 17:18

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7 replies

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Hi @Elodiew 

Good question.

In your example, are you saying you want the QBO Estimate to have 3 line items or just 1?


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Hi Troy,

Thanks for your reply 😄

I don’t really have a preference, I would go for the one that works. My goal would be that all the Line Item/Product have the same name.

Thanks again,

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Please clarify what you mean by this:

My goal would be that all the Line Item/Product have the same name.

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Hi Troy, thanks for your reply.

On Quickbooks, for the “PRODUIT/SERVICE” column, the first row is “Product”, while the second and third rows are “Analytics”. (cf : image called “To get this result?”).

I think this happens as on Zapier, the “Line Amount” and the “Line Description” are composed of several elements, while the “Line Item/Product” contains only one. (cf : image called “What should I add here?”).

Do you know what I should do on Zapier so that the “PRODUIT/SERVICE” column on Quickbooks is consistent? 

Thank you!

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Can you post screenshots with an overview of how all your Zap steps are ordered?

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Hi Troy,

Sorry I forgot to reply 😅

I actually solved my problem by creating a Python Library with Code by Zapier (AI). I will leave the code here if anyone has the same issue in the future. 

Thank you!

# Split the item_list string into a list of items using comma as the separator 
item_list = input_data["item_list"].split(",")

# Get the service type from the input data
service_type = input_data["service_type_quickbooks"]

# Create a dictionary with the service type as the key and the item list as the value
output = {service_type: item_list}

# Create a list with the service type repeated for each item in the item list
output_list = [service_type] * len(item_list)

# Create a dictionary to store the output list
output = {"output_list": output_list}


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This is awesome @Elodiew! Thanks for circling back for an update on how you solved the issue here.

This will be helpful to our other Community members who might run into a similar issue. 🤗