QuickBooks Online error: Amount calculation incorrect in the request, Amount is not equal UnitPrice * Qty. Supplied value:400, Quickbooks Field: Line.Amount

I am trying to create a Zap to create an invocie in Quickbooks Online from a trigger in ActiveCampaign.  The trigger is working correctly.


When I test the Quickbooks, I am getting an error:

I have checked the maths, and it is correct:

Quantity: 1

Rate: 20

Amount: 20

I have also checked the Product in Quickbooks matches the Product in the Zap and the ensured the Amount in the Zap is also correct


Any help, assistance or advice is very welcome, thank you in advance.

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Hi @Jay G 


It seems that the Amount you are trying to pass in the zap is 400 not 20. Can you screenshot this part of the zap setup so we can help you better? This error usually means that the qty you inputted multiplies by the unit rate you inputted does not match with the Total you inputted. 


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Hmm @Jay G are you willing to try recreating this Zap? I did some digging on this and I haven’t stumbled across this issue yet. Moh is correct in his initial assessment but I see your fields here appear to be correct. If you try again and are still experiencing this problem, please let us know so we can take a look at next steps!