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QuickBooks error: Failed to create a create bill(item based), feature not supported

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The ‘Create bill’ function for QuickBooks Online is not working. No matter what variations I try it keeps throwin the “Feature Not Supported Error” as in this screenshot:

These are the sample parameters I'm putting in for example:


Any help is highly appreciated.


Best answer by christina.d 7 July 2022, 23:00

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Hi there, @DriesClaes! I’m sorry to see you’re running into that error!

I double checked and can see you were able to chat with my friends in support. I wanted to pop their reply below as well.

The full error message from Quickbooks Online provides a bit more information:
Feature Not Supported Error : We're sorry. This feature is not included in your QuickBooks Online Simple Start subscription.

In this case, it seems like you will need to upgrade the Quickbooks Online subscription. You may also want to reach out directly to their team to help understand what features are included with the Simple Start subscription vs the Plus subscription.

I did some digging and found this on their site:

However you can reach them directly to confirm here:

Please keep us posted if this gets you back on track! 

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@christina.d thanks for the response. I have now upgraded our QuickBooks subscription to ‘Essential’. The following error is now showing when trying to make this invoice, do you know what it means to have a business validation error?


These are the fields I'm entering:


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Hey @DriesClaes just following up here! It looks like you were in touch with our support team regarding this issue who responded with:

Here is the full error message I'm seeing from QuickBooks:

"Detail": "Business Validation Error: There is no account associated with the item \"Services\". Is it marked for purchase, and has an account associated with it?",

I'm not an expert on Accounting systems - but I'm pretty sure that means that in QuickBooks directly - you would want to attach the Product/Service to an Income Account.
Select the Income account ▼ dropdown and the account you want to use to track the sale.
Tip: You can use an income account QuickBooks already set up for you. If you need a different account, scroll to the top of the dropdown and select + Add new


Let us know if that did the trick for you! If not, feel free to respond to that support ticket to continue working through this one. We’ll be following along as well but please do circle back here to let us know what solved this one so we can share it with others who may be experiencing the same issue!

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Hi @jesse,


Thanks for the update! I went into QuickBooks and created a new Service to which I attached an Income Account. I adjusted my settings in Zapier to select this new service. Unfortunately I am still seeing the same error message when running a test after making these adjustments. Are you able to see in detail again why this error message regarding ‘business validation’ is showing up? 

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I’ve decided to work around this issue by using the QuickBooks option to make an ‘Account Based’ bill instead of an ‘Item Based’ invoice. This option requires less parameters and works so far. It would be helpful in the future to see the full logged error message that the Zapier support team is able to see.

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That’s super valuable feedback and definitely appreciate you sharing! I’ve gone ahead and passed this along to the team. 🙂

Thanks for closing the loop and letting us know your solution! So glad to see you were able to get this up and running.