Problem retrieving the content of a Facebook post page

Hello everyone,

I created a zappier event for "Create post in WordPress when new post by you in Facebook Pages". All the tests proposed by zappier worked well, and the history shows that it manages to communicate with the Facebook account. 

However, it can't retrieve the content of the post, including the description and images, and it adds this error: "This problem usually comes from the fact that the owner didn't share it with just a small group of people, a modified one who could see it or deleted it."
Please note that the position is public and has not been abolished.

Is it possible that this is due to the fact that publications are not published directly from the page, but from a post published by the facebook page administrator and re-shared by the facebook pages?

Do you know where it might have come from?
Thank you very much!

(sorry if my English isn't very good)

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Hi @Veryfiable!

Your English is fine :)

Do you by ay chance have a link to the post that was shared on Facebook? Your theory sounds like it could be what’s happening. It might be helpful if we could see the post in question. Thanks!

Hello @nicksimard,
And thank you very much for your reply!

Here's the link to the publication:

If my theory is correct, do you think there's a solution for retrieving information even on shared posts?

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Hi there @Veryfiable,

I’m jumping in to see if I can help!

It looks like your theory is correct here. To dig a little deeper into this, could you share with us the type of trigger you're using for your Zap? Are you using the “New Post by You” trigger? If so, could you please replace that with the “New Post to Your Timeline” trigger to see if it’ll run into the same error. I'm asking because this error seems a bit unfamiliar to me, and I haven't come across anything similar to the issue you're facing.

Thank you! 😊

hi @ken.a ,

Indeed, that's where the problem came from, I just tested it with a post published on the page. 
I've changed the trigger. I'll let you know if it works with a share.
Thanks a lot!