Printavo error: The app returned, "Unable to find that resource, the ID could be incorrect."

  • 18 November 2023
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I am trying to create an automation to Update Quote/Invoice Status in Printavo but I am running into some errors. I don’t know why there are errors on it. 




Here is the error:


It says incorrect ID however I double checked all IDs and cross referenced it inside Printavo and they are all correct. Is there anyone having the same issues?



6 replies

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Hi @Jhay08 

Good question.

It may be that the provide value for Order ID is incorrect.



It was correct. If you check from the screenshots there is a search step to search for the invoice/quote. That is the Visual ID.

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Can you show screenshots of the User dropdown list options?


First screenshot: Order ID

2nd Screenshor: Customer ID

3rd Screenshot: User ID

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Hi @Jhay08! 👋

Thanks for sharing those additional screenshots here. 🙂 This is very odd indeed, if the IDs selected for the Order, Customer and User are all correct then it shouldn’t be throwing an “Unable to find that resource, the ID could be incorrect” error here. 

I couldn’t see any existing bug reports for this behaviour so it may be best to reach out to our Support team to have this investigated further. You can contact them here:

Sorry to not have an immediate fix to suggest here. Please do keep us updated on how you get on with them, keen to ensure this gets resolved!

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We would need to see screenshots with the options for the Order ID field as shown in the ‘Order ID’ tab, rather than the ‘Custom’ tab.