PostgreSQL trigger on my database but don't trigger on zapier

  • 24 October 2022
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Hello everyone,


This one is a tricky one and i can’t get to know what’s happening. I have a zap with a postgre SQL trigger “new row custom query”. The zap triggers approximately 100 times per day and some row that appear in my database don’t trigger in my zap and i can’t find the any trigger for the following row (see the example in the screenshot)  Does it have something to do with how much data you can send to zapier ?


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4 replies

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Hi @Hemea 

Good question.

Some new rows didn't Trigger my Zap

When using the "New Row" Trigger, each poll captures the 50 most recent rows.
That means if more than 50 rows are added in a polling interval (5 or 15 minutes depending on your plan), some data will be lost.

If you need to capture more than 50 rows at a time, you'll want to add them to your database in batches—no more than 50 records at a time every 5 or 15 minutes (depending on your plan).

Hello Troy, thanks for your response !

I’m pretty sure i don’t have more than 50 rows at a time in my query (i have a 5 minutes refresh on my plan).

The zap triggers aaproximately 100 times per day.

It works 95% of the times but sometimes don’t trigger for some rows…


I can send you my problem in a video if you can help

Here’s a screenshot with a sheet of comparison between the triggers from the database and zapier

You can see that there is only 10 trigger but 2 are missing in zapier and there is really no reason for it to not trigger...


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Hey @Hemea! Thanks for these details. For this particular issue, I would recommend contacting our support team for further investigation:

Reason being is that they’ll be able to pull up API logs related to your records and do a deeper level on investigation regarding why those rows, in particular, aren’t coming across. Please do keep us posted on the outcome! If there is something helpful to know that might help other members running into a similar issue, we’d love to document that here. Thanks!