Podio Integration not recognizing Text Field in "Find item in Podio"

  • 5 June 2022
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I am trying to create a Zap to update the status of a lead for my BatchLeads integration. I have it triggered to where if a lead’s status is updated in Batch it will go through Zapier and find the lead with the same address and update the category to ‘Hot Lead’. 

The main problem is that is won’t recognize my text field from my Podio app in the Find feature. It works with other apps just not my Batch Leads Integration. Nothing comes up. Any ideas?


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5 replies

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Hey there @camwaz251! Welcome to the Community! 🎉

Interesting! I wonder if any of this walkthrough from BatchLeads might be helpful in getting this setup. There’s also a link to a video at the very bottom:

I can also see you were able to open a ticket with our friends in support, which is awesome. Keep us posted on your success! 


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Hiya @camwaz251! I wanted to pop in and see if you were able to get this sorted?
It looks like my friend Cam in support replied to your message on Monday with some follow-up questions! Definitely let us know. 🤗

Sort of. Now only one text field from my polio app shows up. However, its the address line which is the one I need. But now it says that when I put the Podio address line in ‘Search Field’ and the BatchLeads address in ‘Search Field Value’ it say that it couldn't find where to search. I assume that even though the Podio address line text field appeared, it still can’t search it.

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Hey there, @camwaz251! Thanks for keeping us updated! Feel free to drop screenshots of your current zap setup and any errors you’re experiencing! It may help the community troubleshoot with you. 

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Hey, @camwaz251 !

Can you try using a custom value in that field instead? Then, you could enter the ID of the field you want to use instead of selecting it from the dropdown. ​Can you please give that a try and let me know how it works out?