Pipedrive person filter to add an activity - NOT WORKING

Trigger: Person matching a filter

Action: Activity added to that person


Zapier can see my contact filter, the tests work, but when a new person gets added to that filter, the action of adding an activity is not happening. 

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Hi @nicolezappy 

For us to have more context, post screenshots with how your steps are outlined and configured in EDIT mode.

Also, check your Zap Runs history details for activity and errors, and to see the DATA IN/OUT for each step:

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Hi there @nicolezappy! 👋
Were you able to find out the cause of what was preventing the activities from being added?

If not, can you confirm whether the Zap has been triggering successfully? If it isn’t then that might indicate that there’s a bug with the Person Matching Filter trigger. 

If it is triggering but the Create Activity action isn’t adding the activity, can you share a screenshot showing what fields and settings have been selected in the Action section of that Create Activity action? We don’t have access to your Zaps or account so that will help us to better see if there’s anything on the setup that might be causing the issue here.

Looking forward to hearing from you!