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Perfex doesn't trigger new leads into Mailchimp when the Zap is live, but works during manual testing

Hey everyone.

I have hard time understanding where this problem is hiding. I want to connect CRM Perfex with Mailchimp. I purchased module Zapfex and insteld it in Perfex CRM. Then I connected Mailchim and Perfex in Zapier. When I test the conection everithing is fine. Zapier can pull out leads form Perfex and put new leads in Mailchimp, but only manualy as a test once I put it live it dosent happen anything. Could you guys help me :)

Thank you!




Best answer by ken.a 17 May 2023, 08:10

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Hi there @ramon_babic,

Welcome to the Community! 🎉

I’m so sorry for the troubles with your Zap. Before we dig deeper into the issue, could you please try these troubleshooting steps for me?

  1. Turn off the Zap.
  2. Reconnect your Perfex CRM account here:
  3. Publish the Zap.
  4. Trigger the Zap, by creating a new lead on your Perfex CRM app.
  5. Check the Zap History to see if the Zap triggered after 3-5 mintues.

Please keep us posted! 😊

Thenks for the feedback. I tried but only some leads go trough even if they are completly the same.

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@ramon_babic I noticed you mentioned that the leads would not go through if they were completely the same. As a Mailchimp user, exports with the same contact information typically are flagged as duplicates in their system and are not added. I’m not sure if this is a setting they have, but may be worth looking into. 

Have you noticed this with new leads as well? Or tested out using different information? If yes, I’m wondering if this is a bug. If yes, then @ken.a can get you set up in the system and registered as an affected user! 

@chanelle @ken.a as same I reffered to leads with same “parameters” not same email/name. 

Its really affecting the perofrmance of our business and I would love if you can take a look at it. I ve been testing zap with different leads and its just strange that obly like 10% of leqads are send correctly to Mailchimp. But if I test it manualy “step-by-step” it works with all of them. Test→ pul lead from crm into zap and send lead from zap to Mailchimp.


Could you resolve this asap?

also experts that I reached out (listed on your page) with this problem are declining to help

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Hi there @ramon_babic,

I've gone ahead and created a bug report on your behalf to get to the bottom of the issue you're experiencing with Perfex CRM. Your email address has been added as an affected user. The Perfex CRM developers will take a closer look to determine what's causing the problem and work on a solution. That does a few things:

  • Bring this to the attention of the integration developers
  • Help track and prioritize fixes
  • Allows us to notify you via email if/when this is fixed

Unfortunately, I do not have an ETA, but I’ve added you to the list of users affected by this issue so we can let you know as soon as we have any updates.

Hopefully, this helps!