Path precedence a.k.a "else" case when dealing with more than two paths

  • 24 October 2023
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I have a path logic with at least 3 paths e.g

  • Task#5: A = True → Path A
  • Task#8: B = True → Path B
  • Task#10: Else (no logical condition specified) → Path C

I am wondering how Zapier decides where to go? In other words, is the tasks precedence respected? In other words, it always going to follow the order of the tasks, in which case Task#10 is a catch-all and doesn’t need a boolean condition?


3 replies

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Hi @Timothep 

Good question.

Zaps can match and proceed down multiple paths, which can run in parallel.


I have this same question, which I tried to implement with Zapier Storage, but the parallel nature of paths thwarted me. 

First, I send “False to storage with a consistent ID as the key,



  1. Then I have complicated branching logic. When a successful branch is found, I send “True” to storage
    1. Then, I have an always-run path that checks the value of this conditional. Has any path been successful? 


Ive seen in some places that paths run sequentially from left to right, but my testing seems to indicate that they run in parallel, so how do we implement “Do this, if no other paths have been successful?”

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Hi @rnordin 

I’d recommend posting your own topic so it gets proper attention, thanks.