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  • 12 March 2023
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I have a working Zap which is triggered by a basic WPForm. 
This Triggers the creation of a Pandadoc Document using a template.

The template has a pricing table. Zapier displays information about the pricing table in a form which seems to indicate that the Zap adds a line item to the pricing table, I.e Product, description, quantity etc.

Although I have filled this in corrrclty using one variable obtained earlier in the Zap: Quantity(from WPForm), the sent document contains a default pricing table which does not reflect the setup in the Zap, including the variables.

There’s no error message, but rather the behaviour is not what I am hoping for which is to have a pricing table that shows up based on variables from the Zap.

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6 replies

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Hi @AndrewCawood 

Good question.

For us to have enough context, please post detailed screenshots with how your Zap steps are configured along with outlining a specific example of the issue, thanks.

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Hi @AndrewCawood 

Just following up on this. Could you please post detailed screenshots of how the Zap steps are configured and an outline of the specific example of the issue? In that way, we can investigate what’s going on.

Thank you @Brem 

As you can see I am looking up the customer to verify them and then creating a document from a pre-existing template. The template exists and the ZAP is working. The second screenshot shows the details I wish to have included in the pricing table, however these are not populating in the final document.

Thanks heaps in advance


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Hi @AndrewCawood 

I appreciate the screenshot.

I did some digging and it looks like Pandadoc is very specific when it comes to field names.

Here’s a link you can check for more information:

Let me know how it goes!

Thank you,

Although there is some detail in there about variables, it does not seem possible to access price table variables from the zap.

Using the fields available in the Zap for pricing table, I have  the following screenshot showing the data in section of the zap history. Unfortunately this is not producing any change to the pricing table:

Shared Link produced by this:

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Hi @AndrewCawood 

Thank you for the screenshot!

It looks like we’re running on an odd one here. I’ll have my team check this out and I’ll get back to you.

Appreciate your patience in getting this resolved.