Opportunity value not returning in LeadConnector

  • 24 March 2023
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Hello Community,

We are using a LeadConnector action which is supposed to return back the created record’s details(email, opp id,first name,last name etc) but for some unknown reason it does not. It only gives back msg success! & traceID xxx but rest of the details are missing.

Quite strangely the same lead connector action returns data back when a Contact is created through it but showing the above mentioned behavior in case of Opportunities.

The connector:

Please suggest.

Thank you.

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1 reply

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Hey @Himanshu_Westhaven! 👋

That’s odd, usually if we’re supplying values for the fields it’ll show them in the results of the test. If the Zap is switched on are the fields visible in the Zap History? Just wondering if this issue is limited to testing within the Zap Editor or whether those fields wouldn’t be present when the Zap runs live. Can you give that a try, if you haven’t already?

Also, it sounded like you tested by creating a brand new opportunity, is that correct? If so, would you mind also testing by updating an existing opportunity? It may be that we’re able to see a different set of fields when an opportunity is updated than when it’s created.

Would you mind giving those a try and let us know whether you’re able to see the fields at all? Looking forward to hearing how that goes!