OpenAI Whisper-1

  • 18 March 2023
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The Whisper-1 model is showing in the Zapier OpenAI action which is great.

I have an incoming audio from Airtable that is available as an attachment or URL link so should work.

However when you select the Whisper-1 model it only shows Prompt. 

But for the Whisper-1 model the required params are file and model. 

Prompt, langauge and response format are optional.

Anyone get this working?

1 reply

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Hi @Reilly 

Welcome to the Community!

I noticed that you’re already working with one of our Support Specialists on this. They’re asking,

Can you explain the issue in a little more detail? Is there a specific value you were hoping would show up in the trigger step but isn't showing?

If you need further assistance on this, you may continue working with our Support Specialist as they could investigate more.

Thanks! 😊