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Notion hit an error: Body failed validation,[0].id should be valid uuid

Hi there!


I am trying a very simple integration between Calendar and Notion. Expected behavior: google Calendar events create a Meeting in Notion.


All is good, except that the Notion integration expects me to manually add the individual emails of the people attending, and Google Calendar only allows me to choose between fields called “Attendees Email” and “Attendees Emails”, both of which are arrays. 



When running it, the integration fails at the attendees part, with the error below.



Am I doing something wrong or is there a better way to extract the attendee list from the Calendar event?


Best answer by ken.a 9 June 2023, 06:10

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Hi there @Ibon! 👋

That error seems to suggest that the field is looking for an ID (unique identifying) number for the attendees instead of the email address. If you click into the Attendees field on the Notion action does it give you a list of people that you can choose from?  

If so, there will likely be an ID number of some kind that appears in grey underneath the person’s name. For example: 
In which case, since you’re looking to select multiple attendees I think you might need to explore adding a Formatter (Utilities > Lookup Table) action to the Zap to convert the email addresses into the relevant names. 

You could also potentially try adding a Find Database Item action before the Create Database Item to search for the people and obtain the relevant IDs. But, I’m not certain whether that would get you the ID. And as that action would only find one you’d need to use a Looping by Zapier action to go through each one but that would then result in multiple database items being created (as that action would need to be put within the loop, it can’t be run afterwards), which wouldn’t be ideal. So I think the lookup table might be your best bet here, what do you think?

Look forward to hearing from you on this!

Hey @SamB thanks for the reply!

Well, if I understand correctly, using the lookup table would give me the Notion IDs for the attendees in the calendar meeting, but then how would I handle that? How could I automatically add three ID attendees in Notion if only three people are invited to the meeting? And if that number changes to five? The attendee count and attendee IDs are variable per meeting, and I can’t be expected to update this automation manually every time - that beats the purpose of the automation.


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@Ibon Jumping in to see if I can help or create a possible work around. I want to be sure I understand the screenshot. Are each of the items crossed out individual attendee names? 

Hey @chanelle - yes, those are individuals. And as soon as I add one, a second box is enabled for me to add the next attendee. Thanks!



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Hi there @Ibon,

I’m jumping in to see if I can help!

In your case, I would recommend combination of Formatter, Lookup Table, and Looping by Zapier.

  • Text in Formatter by Zapier - Split Text *Segment Index* All (as Line-Items) - this way you can split the multiple email attendees as line items.
  • Looping by Zapier Create Loop From Line Items- to repeat action(s) in your Zaps a variable number of times for sets of values. 
  • Utilities in Formatter by Zapier - Lookup Table function - format the email address to the ID in your Notion app.

Here’s a similar Zap that I have created minus the Lookup table step:

Outline of the Zap setup:

(view larger)

Formatter step setup:

(view larger)

Formatter Output:

(view larger)

Looping by Zapier setup:

(view larger)

Google Calendar action and “Attendee” field setup:

(view larger)

If you want to learn more about Looping by Zapier. We have an in-depth guide on this Community post here:

Hopefully, this points you to the right direction! 😊

Hey @ken.a thanks for jumping in!

That was sort of the direction @SamB was heading to with the first response, but that would create multiple calendar events, one for each attendee. Three attendees, three events. Five attendees, five events.

I feel like I’m trapped between having to choose between creating multiple clone events (if I choose to loop), or manually adding the attendees every time the automation runs.

I feel like there should be a stupid simple solution that just selecting the atendees json from the calendar trigger is smart enough to understand that I want those attendees to be separate individuals in the Notion project...

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Hi @Ibon,

I can confirm that following the Looping by Zapier route won’t create multiple calendar events.

Here’s what it looks like in the Zap History:

(view larger)

(view larger)

(view larger)

(view larger)

And here’s the event created in Google Calendar:

(view larger)

Hopefully, this helps! 😊

Thanks again for the reply!


So I tried this, and if I do it with a Detailed Google Calendar event like in your example, the iterating element, Emails, does show up as a value for Attendees


However, if I use the Notion integration, this will not be an option, at all. Both were created under the same loop. Any ideas?


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Hi @Ibon,

After doing some testing similar to your workflow on my end, I've hit a bit of a snag. But don't worry, we have a fantastic Support team who are experts at solving these kinds of puzzles! They can provide you with 1:1 support and have the ability to access your Zap and its logs, which will be super helpful.

When you reach out to them, it would be great if you could link them to this post. That way, they'll be up to speed on the troubleshooting steps we've already taken.

You can get in touch with our Support team right here:

I'm really sorry I couldn't solve this one for you myself, but I'm confident our Support team will be able to assist. Thanks so much for your understanding.