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Notion error: This version of the API does not support this type of block type. Please upgrade your API version

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TL;DR: Seeking assistance in formatting Typeform entries using Markdown syntax into a table within a Notion database, encountering an error regarding block type compatibility when switching to Markdown format



I have a Typefrom form that I am trying to link to a Notion Database.

I am trying to pull all of the form’s entries and format them using Markdown syntax into a table inside the Notion entry (Page in a database).

I keep receiving the same code whenever I switch the Content Format to Markdown: “This version of the API does not support this type of block type. Please upgrade your API version.”

I browsed online through the community for several problems, and even though there are some, the solutions are not relevant to my case.

Here’s the Content in the Notion Action in my Zap: 

It works when I switch to plain text: 

The same plain text that if I copy it and paste it down in Notion (Manually): turns into exactly how I want it to be: 

So I am just trying to avoid that manual step by switching to Markdown instead and have it do its magic.

Any help please?

I have read through the Markdown Notion Support and found a /table-inline slash command that I am not sure how it would help.

Am I approaching this wrong?


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Hi @Cloudworkz Limited 

Good question.


Notion Markdown Guide:


Tables are only partially supported.

Tables require using the /table-inline slash command, which is accessible thru the Notion UI.

/table-inline creates a database table inside a current page.


Tables and Databases in Notion are not the same.


There’s a huge distinction between the two actually:



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Hi there @Cloudworkz Limited,

I’m jumping in to see if I can help!

I've been looking into the issue you're facing and it appears that the block type you're trying to use isn't supported in the "Create Database Item" action at the moment. I understand how this can be a bit of a setback.

The good news is, we're aware of this and there's already a feature request in place to address it. I've gone ahead and added your email address to the list of interested users for this feature. While I can't provide an exact timeline for when this will be implemented, rest assured we'll send you an email update as soon as it's ready.

I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and appreciate your understanding and patience.

Hey! We’ll love to see this working too :)

Absolutely necessari markdown if you’re using notion

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Hi there,

I have added you as another interested member to the open feature request. While we don’t have a timeframe for this feature’s implementation. We will keep you in the loop via email once it is.

Thank you!

@ken.a We’re getting this error, too, and would love to see it working!

Did you ever implement this feature, and could you also keep us posted if it is? 🙏



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Hi @Honyaku Cloud 👋

Sorry for the delay in a reply here. It hasn’t been implemented yet unfortunately. I can’t make any promises around when you can expect it to be sorted by but I’ve gone ahead and added your vote for the feature request which will help to increase it’s priority. And also ensures that you get an email notification once it’s been implemented. 🙂

Can i be notified when this is fixed as well

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Hi @jfelke,

I’ve added your vote for this feature request, and we’ll notify you via email once an update is readily available. Thanks

I have the same problem, I've been pulling my hair out for 2 months trying to figure out how if I had been on this forum I would have given up sooner 😅
I want to be part of the people to warn the days or on a misunderstanding you develop this magnificent feature!!!!

For the others did you find another way than Notion to get Workdown format ? I have the impression that only Notion is able to do it...

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Sorry to hear that @Benjiwind! I’ve added your vote to the feature request so we’ll be in touch once it’s implemented. 🙂

In the meantime the only way I can think of to have the Notion app on Zapier create unsupported block types like Tables would be to use Notion’s API Request action. But even so, you wouldn’t be able to use Markdown to create the table that way either, as it would need to be formatted in JSON as per the their API documentation here: