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"Notes" from Google Contacts isn't recognized anymore

  • 25 July 2023
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Hello everybody.

I created a google contact and first find it on a previous step on a zap.

Few days ago I could use “Notes” to keep the old informations recorded in the selected contact, as the second picture shows it.

But for an obscur reason, it is not available anymore, today.

An idea to solve this error message ?  








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Hi @JonathanN 

Good question.

Make sure to use an example GContact when testing the Zap steps that has the Notes field populated.

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Hi @Troy Tessalone 

Thanks trying to help :-) 

The creation of a contact, in Google contact, should filled the “notes” field with this :



Yes it should be the case, but not sure how to check if it is correctly populated ?

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I tryed to test the zap step and it gives me this :


and when it finishes to test, the results is that:

I don’t see “notes” propagated, isn’t it… ?

But it could be explained because of the error message in the Zap (look at my second picture in the first message)

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The GContacts step is configured to Find/Create Contact.

In this case, it found an existing Contact that didn’t have Notes.

You may need to add a Zap step to Update Contact to add Notes.


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The creation isn’t made in this zap, it was created before in an other ZAP, in fact.

Sorry for the confusion.

I would like to say that zap should fill the notes” field with the same informations I showed here :



And the Google contact had notes, here there are: (but in reality they weren’t there anymore and THAT MAKE A CONFLICT!)


The Zap step which Update Contact to add Notes already exists, it is the step number 11, 



I took a picture about the message error I get, to help understand better and for an other person who look for the same error message, the SOLUTION is below this picture:



You were exact Troy, this contact exemple was not having notes TODAY, but the data sample had recorded them, so they were some at first. 
There was a conflict between the actual sample data and the real informations into the google contact “notes” field, took a long time ago.
So I created a new sampe and make sure “Notes” field was filed, IDENTICALLY, to propagate it properly.

Thanks @Troy Tessalone you helped me a lot with your participation and ideas.

It isn’t easy to understand how a zap react sometimes...

I close the post !