NOT WORKING - Airtable to Follow Up Boss add contact

  • 1 February 2023
  • 9 replies

It’s connected right it would seem. Both accounts logged in. No contact is showing up in Follow Up Boss. Who can help?

9 replies

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Hi @eliskinner 

Good question.

Please post detailed screenshots with how your Zap steps are configured in order for us to have clarity and context, thanks.

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The lead gen company helped with the airtable side and i just connected the stuff on the FUB side. I have green checkmarks all across the board but no contact has shown up in FUB.

Here are the 2 screenshots that show. the basic setup…


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Zaps work while turned ON for new data going forward.

Have you tested since turning the Zap ON?

If you have, check your Zap Runs to help you troubleshoot. (check for successes or errors)


The Airtable Zap triggers are scheduled, which mean it can take from 1-15 minutes for those to fire depending on your Zapier plan.


Thx for staying with me on this.

A few hrs ago, the test didn’t result in a contact but I wen’t ahead and turned on the zap anyway and did the thing where it pulls in the old records… still nothing. I even got an email saying this initial “pull the past” run was successful but no contact in FUB. 


Just manually ran it again.. will check back in a while.

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The Airtable Zap trigger will only fire when there is a new record in this View.


ok thx. I'll have them put another test in

no luck...

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Did you confirm the test record was in the Airtable View that is used as part of the Zap trigger conditions?

Did you check your Zap Runs to help you troubleshoot? (check for successes or errors)


Consider hiring a Zapier Expert to help:

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Hi @eliskinner! It’s been awhile and I just wanted to check back in and see if taking a look at your Zap Runs provided any insight? Hopefully you were able to get this Zap up and running, but don’t hesitate to come back if we could still be of any help!