“Not found” error when uploading files from Smartsheet to Google Drive

  • 6 November 2023
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Hey Kena,


I am having similar issues I am attempting to upload an attachment to google drive from smartsheet and these are the errors that return. 


If i look up “response data url” there are no variables that return. Here are all of my options with the text “data”


I do not believe i missed anything. Please help when you can! Thanks!

10 replies

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Hi @thisismyname 

Good question.

The File field expects a file object or a file URL that is a publicly accessible direct download link.

A file object would like this this variable: File (exists but not found)

You can check if a file url is a public direct download link by copy/paste it into a browser to see if a download immediately begins.


I understand what you are saying Troy,


 i got here in my screenshots by following this thread. I am wondering why I do not have the same results.

Unable to file Smartsheet attachments to Google Drive on my Zap. | Zapier Community


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The Smartsheet Request URL is the URL used to make the request to the Smartsheet API in step 2, which is not a file url.


if this is the file url “response data url” it does not show up as option. I understand now that request url is not a file url. what other alternatives are available to me?  if any


thank you for taking the time to dive into this

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These variables from Step 2 indicate no attachments were found and include an error code.


Thank you Troy with that revelation


I was able to do a test, with a new attachment and finally get it to work. 


This was a long process but I could not have done it without your help



Troy Tessalone I noticed that this process works anf it finds the file when the trigger is “ New attachment”


but it does not find the file when the trigger is “updated row”


is there a different process that you would recommend?

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Hi there @thisismyname,

I’m jumping in to see if I can help!

You can probably follow this Community post here, and replace the trigger with the “Updated Row” trigger and don’t use the Looping by Zapier step:

Hopefully, this helps!

Ki @ken.a 

I am following the threads 


when I sue the Updated Row in Smarthsheet Trigger it does not seem to return the 2. response data data url, it always comes with “not found” here are screen shots  

I have been scouring up and down these two threads:



I know you said the loop may not be necessary but I tried to add it in to see if it would change anything but it does not seem to. I may need it since my rows have multiple attachments, but I only want the zapier to run when certain row conditions have been met. I will set up a filter after I can get this to work consistently. 



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Thanks for trying it out @thisismyname,

I've also conducted tests with the “Updated Row in Smartsheet” trigger and, unfortunately, I encountered the same issue. I have a hunch that the “Updated Row” trigger may not retrieve the file in the row unless the file itself has been updated.

For further assistance, especially if this workflow is crucial for you, I suggest contacting our Zapier Experts. They are well-equipped to help with such matters. You can connect with our Zapier Experts at:

Hopefully, this helps.