Not finding a way to connect Google Sheets that live in team Drive

  • 16 January 2023
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Im having troubles connecting google sheets which are in Team Drive, they do not appear as a sheet in the dropdown.
Zapier says to check a workaround but the link doesnt lead me to the workaround

Does anyone knows how I can do this?

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4 replies

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Hi @jlop 

Good question.

Try using the ‘Custom’ mapping option to input the static value for the GSheet spreadsheet ID.

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Hello Troy,

Thanks a lot for the reply, Im new to this, could you let me know step by step how can I connect  a Gsheet which is in shared drive on Google Drive?

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Help articles about Zap Basics:


EXAMPLE of the Custom mapping option in a Zap action:


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Hi there @jlop! 👋

Are you wanting to select a spreadsheet from a Team Drive in a Create Spreadsheet Row action for Google Sheets? Asking as it looks like Team Drives aren’t currently supported with that action. There’s a feature request open to enable Team Drive access for Create Spreadsheet Row actions though. So confirm whether that’s what you’re using so we can get your vote added to that feature request!

In order to use the Custom value option Troy mentioned, you’d need to get the ID for the spreadsheet, in order to use it as the custom value. It’ll normally be a sequence of letters and numbers that appear in the address bar when viewing a spreadsheet. For example:
This guide explains how to use custom values further: Add custom values to dropdown menu fields in Zaps 

Having said that, I think that workaround would likely only work for spreadsheets that are just shared with you, not ones that are one a Team Drive. As alternative, are you able to make a copy of the spreadsheet that’s been shared with you, connect the Zap to that copy of the spreadsheet, then share that copy back to the Team Drive? I’m wondering if that might allow the Zap to access it since you’d then be the owner of the copied spreadsheet. Want to give that a try and let us know if that works?