No ticket is created Gsheet to Freshdesk

  • 7 October 2022
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I’m trying to set up my first zap. Although it was successfully created it seems that I am not receiving new ticket from Gsheet to my Freshdesk account. The test email is not even triggered.


I’m not sure if I’m using the correct domain name but i got it by going to Admin > Portals > Portal URL

While the API Key is from the upper right where my profile icon is found.


Please help.

6 replies

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Hi @kevs 


If the app is connected and doesnt throw an error then it is the correct credentials, otherwise it would say something like Unauthorized. 

We need more information to be able to help you, like for example a screenshot of the zap steps.


Hi, please see details:



Hope this provides clarity.

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Hi @kevs 


Please hide the webhook url in the first screenshot 


It actually does not help :) You were saying that you are waiting for an email, Im guessing that is a setting in Freshdesk? The question is, is the ticket actually created or not when you do the test? If it is created then the zap was a success, regardless of the notification. If it is not created then you can screenshot the result of the Action so we can help you better. 

in case the ticket is created but you are not receiving the required notification, you can add a Gmail step (for example) that sends the required notification upon successful creation of the ticket. 

Hope this helps :)  

@MohSwellam Im actually not understanding your questions as it is my first time setting this up.


So my expectations are, when a new row with details in google sheet is added, a ticket is generated in freshdesk.

So far, when I’m doing the testing, I am not receiving any tickets in my freshdesk account although the prompt does say that it did send a ticket to freshdesk


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Sorry if I'm not clear :) and welcome to Zapier ! Dont worry, it gets easier 


Ok, so from what I see here the ticket is created in Freshdesk, it just probably is not in the project / board (I haven't used Freshdesk so I dont know its terminology) that you are looking at. 


When mapping the fields (maybe take a screenshot of the part where you add the data and hide any sensitive information in it) it would probably ask you where you want this to go, this is where you should be looking. 

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Hi @kevs ,

Congrats on building your first Zap!⚡

Catching up on your conversation with Dennis is Support it sounds like you’ll need to switch out some “static data” for “dynamic data”.  

Tbh that didn’t mean a whole lot to me when I began zapping but I found this Zapier Academy video really helpful and I think you may too. It does a great job explaining the how and why of certain fields (with visuals)!

Let us know how it goes and if you have any other questions!