No data for Google Sheets to Gmail Action

  • 29 August 2022
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I am setting up a action to send a new email when a new or updated row is added to a spreadsheet. On the sheet I have a column for email addresses, name, date, etc.. In the action setup for sending the message in Gmail I select the email option for the “to” (recipient) from my sheet, but it displays as “email - no data”. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!


I have double check and the correct sheet/worksheet/trigger is linked to the action.

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2 replies

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Hi @rlong ,


please screenshot the step (including the test results from the Trigger step) so we can help you better

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Hi @rlong ,

If when mapping the field Email you see “No data”, could you double-check if the test sample that’s being used in the Zap has an email?

You can also try pulling in new test samples and select one that you’re sure contains the email value, before re-mapping the field:

Let us know if you’re able to figure it out 😊