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New Slack Thread messages are not detected.

  • 25 April 2024
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I have zap where I look for new Sentry bot messages posted to a slack channel. 

Whenever the message contains a specific text that i filter for, I want to send a follow up slack message. 


The messages are send by Sentry bot and when I test, the filter works as expected.

But if that message is send in a slack thread, the message is not even detected by my zap, it does not even show up in the zap runs history.


If I run the test manually, the slack message is detected.


And subsequently the filter does work

The problem is that the zap does not do this on an automatic way.


Any help is appreciated! 


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Hi @alexpete 

Make sure to adjust the Slack Zap trigger to fire for bot messages.


thanks @Troy Tessalone.

I do have bot triggered enabled 

There is a known bug where where the New Message Posted to Channel in Slack won't trigger on threaded messages if they're sent to the channel.

I’ve contacted support and the only known workaround here is to re-configure these bot messages to not send to the channel. 

The bug has been open for quite some time, so bottom line if threaded messages also sent to channel will not trigger the zap.