New GSheet rows not adding data in correctly to Calendar

  • 19 August 2022
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Am trying to get my Zap working - and the zap test does what I need it to do (takes the first row of my GSheet and creates a calendar entry in the correct date and time), but If I add a new row (and zap is set to new or updated rows), it doesn’t put the fields in the right place - and my date/time becomes my description - and the calendar entry is on todays date instead.

But the test works perfectly…

What am I missing?

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5 replies

I think I’ve resolved this … or at least got a work around

Just following up, what was your resolution? Happy to walk through this with you.

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Hi @NPYC! If you have the time to share how you resolved this/worked around it, that would super helpful if other folks have the same issue. Thanks!

Hi there, I’m not entirely sure how I resolved now, other than I think I re-connected the google accounts etc..

Sorry I should have posted at the time, apologies.

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No worries, thanks for letting us know and I’m glad that it’s up and running now!