New Facebook Leads Ads Trigger Not Loading All Business Pages! [Business Critical]

  • 5 December 2023
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Recently, the Facebook lead ads trigger has updated. Ever since, there is an issue with loading more pages - currently the ‘’load more’’ button greys out after loading roughly 25 pages. We are a large marketing agency, so work across 100+ pages. 

In the current state we are not able to make any more zaps for clients and this is a huge part of our operation in order to deliver the leads we are generating. We have contacted zapier through support, but have not heard anything back. This issue is business critical for us and with no mention of a fix etc, we have started looking at alternative platforms as we cannot work with the current situation.

Surely others are experiencing this? Any work arounds? Zapier support admins care to chime in?

Thank you in advance.



3 replies

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Hi @Daniel Harris 

Good question.

If you know the Facebook Page ID, then you can use the ‘Custom’ tab to set a static value.


Hi Troy,

This also does not work. if you search the page ID without the page being loaded it is not found.

You can swap over to the custom tab, but there are not options here, but you can type a value. When I input the page ID and nothing pulls through (lead forms etc):


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@Daniel Harris 

You can do the same for the Form field by using the ‘Custom’ tab to set the Form ID.