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New Email Matching Search in Gmail Trigger not firing

  • 28 February 2023
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Hey there Zapier Community!

I’m running into an issue in my client’s account that I’ve never encountered and don’t really have a thought about how to troubleshoot.

We’re using the New Email Matching Search in Gmail trigger. The test triggers in the editor find exactly the emails we need given our search parameters without a problem (see screenshot). But when the Zap is turned on, it never runs, no matter how many emails come through matching that search. Since the Zap doesn’t trigger, it doesn’t exist in the Zap Run History, so I can’t diagnose it there.

Anybody encountered this issue before? Any thoughts?!

FYI: we are using other New Email Matching Search in Gmail triggers in other Zaps using the same Google Workspace account and they trigger just fine, so I don’t think it’s a Google account connection issue.



Best answer by chanelle 28 February 2023, 18:04

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Hi @Todd Harper, looks like this is a bug. You can check out this master thread here to double check this relates to you. I know this isn’t the response you were looking for, but since it’s working with the other Zaps you have set up, maybe it is worth a shot setting the Zap up again fresh and seeing if it works out? 

Is this through your clients email or your own? I’d like to know which to add to the bug log. Feel free to PM details. 


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Thanks @chanelle. I figured this would probably be the case. I will simply build the Zap again from scratch and hope that takes care of the issue :)

This is in my client’s Zapier account using her Google Workspace. PM’ing you with details of her accounts to add to the bug log!

Hi Todd,

Appreciate it was a while ago now, but just wondering if rebuilding the Zap fixed the issue you were having? I’m encountering something similar in a Zap that needs to search an email folder and add emails with a certain piece of text into a new row in Excel. Zap runs fine when tested but fails completely in practice. Wonder if it’s the same problem?


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Hi @Alex Walker,

Good timing on this comment! I just encountered this bug again last week in another client’s account! Yes, when I rebuild the Zap completely from scratch, it seems to fix the issue. Note that when I duplicate the Zap, it also seems to duplicate the bug along with it, but when I recreate the Zap from scratch, it works fine.

Hope you can get it working for you!!!

Thanks for your help!