New customer creation in Lawnpro not working

  • 28 December 2023
  • 2 replies

I currently have a Zap to import a new customer signup from Jotform to create the new customer in LawnPro. It is not working. When there is a new customer signup in Jotform the zap run shows successful in zapier however the new customer is not showing up in Lawnpro. When I do a test run from the zap it appears as the data was sent then it comes back with the following: 


Status false

Testkey No API key Provided


I have reached out to LawnPro but they do not seem interested. Please help!

2 replies

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Hi @AvianoLawnCare 

Based on the error, it seems like you may be using a test API key rather than a live/production API key.

Try reconnecting your LawnPro Zap app here:

I have tried that several times with no resolution. LawnPro has made some database changes recently and they don't want to own up to this being an issue on their end, they have terrible customer support.