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Need solution to "The columnId xxxxxxxxxx is invalid" when using Zapier New Row Update for Smartsheet

  • 29 August 2022
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Hi Community,

I'm looking for a solution to a problem that's occurring when using Zapier to update cells in one smartsheet from cells in another smartsheet.  

When using the Zapier New Row Update action on a Smartsheet, it's throwing an error:  "The app returned "The columnId xxxxxxxx is invalid".  This is occurring when trying to update one cell in each of two different rows in a destination smartsheet where we have just completed a Copy Row action from a source smartsheet using Zapier.  Additionally, Zapier also reports while stepping through the errored action that there are unused columns in the Zap and once removed, the update will complete and is repeatable on the same sheet.  However, it fails the next time an update is attempted on a new destination smartsheet.  If you've had this problem before and resolved it, I'd be interested in what you did to fix it.


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4 replies

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Hi @Michael Williams 

Good question.

Might be best to provide detailed screenshots with how your Zap steps are configured along with outlining a specific example that results in the step error, so we can have more context, thanks.

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Hey @Michael Williams  - 

Thanks for reaching out, I’m sorry you are having some trouble with Smartsheet! I see that you have an open support thread with one of my colleagues about instructions regarding the result ID vs the sheet ID needed for some steps in your Zap. 

This is the advice that they noticed when reviewing your Zap -- 

I took a look at that run, and I can see that the data in that column in step 4 matches the Result ID data outputted from step 2. 
And I can see that this field is mapped to the Sheet ID field in step 4. 
 Because of that, it appears that this is the Column that Smartsheet is referring to in that error.

We would definitely encourage you to continue your conversation with support to troubleshoot this particular issue, since they are able to pull up your Zap and see specifics of what is going wrong.

Best of luck,


Hi @Troy Tessalone, I’m working on getting an example put together which I’ll post here.

Hi @franimal, At their suggestion (Zapier support), I’ve engaged Smartsheet support on this and why the API is complaining about invalid columnIDs when trying to update cells in a known sheet on a known row (using sheet ID and Row ID).  I’m exploring what the community can offer on this at the same time.  thanks.

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Hey there, @Michael Williams! Glad to hear you were able to get in touch with Smartsheet regarding this!

Keep us posted with any extra insight you gain! We’d love to know.