Need Help with Adding a New Contact as a Row in Microsoft Excel

We’re trying to build a task that will automatically add a new contact to a row in Excel. The Trigger tests perfectly, but the Action is driving me nuts! All of the connections work, there are no anomalies at all, but when I hit Test, the result is an acknowledgement that something should have happened in Row xx (it steps one row with each test) in column A, but that’s all.

Suggestions are most welcome. Real help is worth payment. I’m just wasting time working it myself.



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Hi @Excellerater 

Welcome to the Community! I'm sorry you’re having trouble with your Zap.

Before we dig deeper into this, can you please share a detailed screenshot of how the Zap is configured to give us enough context? (Kindly blur any personal information/detail in the Zap)

Thank you for responding!

The App is Excel

The Event is Add Row

The Account is appropriate, There is only one and the results are properly responsive with a recognition that the spreadsheet is on OneDrive

The Action is OneDrive>root>contact_export 4 13.xlsx>contact_export>column headings. I’ve used 4-5 different spreadsheets and several worksheets. In each case Zapier has recognized them appropriately. The 20-30 Column Headings are generated by the Source, or I’ve copied them by hand from the Trigger Test area. They are such as Uniquid, Title, First Name, Middle Name, Last Name, etc. or in alternative efforts, such as first_name, last_name, date_of_birth. The format makes no difference. The end result is identical: id: (matches row): row: matches row; COL$A.

With each test, the row steps one level.








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Hi @Excellerater 

I don’t seem to find the issue here. Can you turn the Zap off and then turn it back on again so the Zap will have a fresh start?

Also, if you’re editing the Excel sheet, turn the Zap off first.

Here’s a helpful article about Microsoft Excel:

Thank you.

I turned off the Zap, then closed Excel.

I opened Zap for Editing

Then changed the Trigger Test Contact (it offers 3). The change was intended to show that the Trigger Test really works. It worked, showing the new, different Contact data.

Then checked the Action settings, all of which appear nominal.

Then ran test, three times. Again the results stepped through three rows on the Excel sheet, 16-17-18, but only showing the ID:18, the Row:18, and the COL$A.

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Hey there @Excellerater,

I’m jumping in to see if I can help!

Did you map any data in your Microsoft Excel action step? My suspicion is that you may not have mapped anything to the fields in your action step, which is why the Zap is not adding the rows. That said, could you please send a screenshot of the “Action” section of your Microsoft Excel step?

More about mapping fields here:

Thanks! 😊

I tried a completely new test from scratch and made slight progress.

For this test, Excel has no column headings. On the Action Zap, Action tab it allowed for selection of Fields, showing five but allowing option to show a ton of them. I selected Last Name and tested. It worked, inserting a last name in Column A, Row 2. However, adding a second Field presents a problem: the Zap put both Fields in Column A. I could not find a way to put one Field in ColA and the second in ColB.

So, how?



Ken A. -- Thank you for joining. As you can see, I hit upon the same issue just now. Your article describes exactly where I’ve reached. The remaining issue is how to convince the Zap to allow me to add more than one column heading? -- Bob

Got it! Thank you, Ken.

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Hi @Excellerater 

Is everything fine now? How were you able to fix it?

Brem -- It is a mapping issue (no big surprise there!). I needed to understand that the Column Headings brought into the Action App became the “structure” of the Fields, into which I needed to insert the Contact “links” from the Target App. Now that I write it out, it’s “duh!”, but until I made that connection, I was running in circles. Now I’m working on get links for 100% of the POTENTIAL Fields from the Target to include in the Action. That should do it.

Thanks for your help. Zapier’s documentation in this area could use some work.

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Thanks for coming back around to share you solution and feedback with us, @Excellerater! We’re glad to hear you were able to get this sorted.

Nice work! 🎉