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Need assistance retrieving the "Install Contact" name from Salesforce workflow for template integration

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Need help pulling a specific salesforce field in a workflow I’m building… In my salesforce I have contacts saved under my opportunities that have contact roles and I want to be able to pull the “Install Contact” name to be used in the template I have… but I can’t figure out what search steps I need to use to find the opportunity  contact that has the “Install Contact” Role

Here’s my trigger and first step:





But then when I’m trying to find my install contact I can’t find that anywhere



Thanks, Woozie​​​​​​​


Best answer by Troy Tessalone 14 June 2023, 18:29

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Hi @Woozie83 

Good question.

To give us more context, please post a screenshot from Salesforce of the mentioned field and the type of field that it is.

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Here’s a picture of my salesforce… This is the Woozie89 Opportunity and the field I’m trying to pull is the contact name (Mark Rogers) for whoever is listed as the ‘Install Contact’ underneath the Role on the opportunity level…


let me know if that helps of you need more info…

Thanks, Woozie

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That looks to be Contacts linked to the Opportunity.

In the returned data from the Opportunity in the Zap step, search for “Contacts”.

That may return the Salesforce Contact IDs.

Then you can use a Salesforce Find Record step to search by the Contact ID.

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if its showing me null there is that maybe part of my problem? the test opportunity im pulling does have contacts listed under opportunity



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Hi there @Woozie83,

I’m jumping in to see if I can help!

Looking at the screenshot, it looks like Troy is correct. The Contact is linked to the Opportunity. Adding a “Find Record” step should retrieve the Role you’re looking for. Could you please try adding a “Find Record” step, in the “Salesforce Object” field there should be a Salesforce Object that says “Opportunity Role” or “Contact Role” Salesforce object, and you can maybe use the Contact ID in the “Field to Search By” field from the trigger step

Please give that a try, and keep us posted! 😊

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Try searching for “contact” to narrow down the returned data.

The field you are looking for may have a different internal field name.

If you know that internal Salesforce field name, then you can try searching by that.

Or if you know the Salesforce ID of the linked Contact, then you can try searching by that.


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Awesome Thank you both @Troy Tessalone @ken.a … not entirely sure where i was messed up before but started from scratch today following exactly what you said and worked perfect!


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Amazing! We’re so glad to hear you were able to get this working, @Woozie83! Thanks for looping back around in the thread to share your success with us. 🎉