MySql row Update not Updating Asana Task

I am trying to update an Asana task when I update a row in MySql.


Step 1 Trigger

New or Updated Row in MySQL


Step 2

Find Task in Project (Legacy) in Asana


Step 3

Update Task in Asana



Everything tests out and works in zapier.  However, when I update a row in MySql, the task does not get updated.  Any help would be appreciated.  Thanks.

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Good question.

All of the MySQL Zap triggers are scheduled, which means it can take from 1-15 minutes to fire depending on your Zapier plan.

Check your Zap Runs to see if the Zap eventually fired:


Thanks for the reply.  I have waited extended periods (more than 1-15 minutes).  I have even manually fired the zap after a MySql update.  Nothing.  Are you indicating that you have this working?  If so, great.  Some insight on HOW you have this process working would be greatly appreciated.

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Have you reviewed these help articles?