My Zapier Automation is Turning Off automatically, How Do I Address it?

Hi Zapier Team,

I've noticed that my Zapier automation is automatically turning off. Could you please help me understand why? This has been happening consistently over the past few days. While it's currently running now, it tends to turn off after a couple of days. Your assistance with this would be greatly appreciated.


Thank you.

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Hey @CharisseM ,


Can you share screenshot of your Zap? Also can you please check in Zap history if there were any failed executions?

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Welcome to the Community, @CharisseM! 😁 

I suspect that the Zap ran into repeated errors which caused it to be turned off automatically. As that would explain why you’re able to turn it back on, and then after a couple of days it turns off again. See our Your Zap errored too many times guide for details.

Do you think that could be the case here or are there no errors present in the Zap history for the Zap?

Looking forward to hearing from you!