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My Zap to MailerLite from Stripe stops working after we started using Stripe Connect.

One of our suppliers has moved us to use Stripe Connect - we had a zapier link to Mailerlite from Stripe but this seems to have stopped since we have started using Stripe Connect - please can you tell me if we need to use a different API to link the accounts in zapier? Stripe are saying that we don’t need to do anything different but the data is not coming across since we moved over…...Any ideas? 


Best answer by christina.d 6 July 2022, 20:27

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Hey @Timeless Rosie - great question and we appreciate you posting here in the Community. 

I did some digging and it appears at the moment, we don’t support Stripe Connect transactions. 😔 There is an open feature request to support this however I don’t have an ETA on when or if this will be implemented. I did add your vote though and we’ll keep you in the loop via email if this changes!

If you’re curious here’s a read on how apps are added to the platform:

Thanks again for reaching out!

This feature is literally the reason I signed up to Zapier. After days of testing, I finally found my answer. No support of Stripe connect is really surprising. Add my vote. But I guess I will have to find another solution.