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My Zap stops 70% of the time saying the phone number field has no data

  • 18 August 2022
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I have a sep set up to use OPEN phone to send an automated text every time a new customer requests a quote. 


the app and trigger is via zenmaid and once I convert a quote to a lead it is supped to send a text via our VOIP open phone… if I look at the history of the zap it works about 30% of the time. the other 70% it says the reason it was stopped is because the phone number field has no data essentially… however the same exact info that's sent for the times it works is the same exact info that is sent for when it doesn't. 


any thoughts? 


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Hey there @pristine clean 

Sorry to hear about the issues here.

It sounds like perhaps you aren't always receiving some data which you need from the trigger.

If you look at one of the failed Zap runs, I would search the Data out section to see if that has the phone number.

Could you check that and let me know what you see?


That’s the problem… the data out section doesn’t have the phone number. 

however the information was entered into the system the exact same way it is for the zaps that do work. 

essentaly my customers fill in the online booking form for the software associated with the trigger. every single form is the exact same and all of them have the numbers, however only a small fraction of that data is being captured by the zaps. 

if shows blank in the data out field but it should be  populated 

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Hi @pristine clean!

Thanks for coming back to us with some more information in the Community. I can see that you also reached out to Support about this issue. They found that your Zap wasn’t working as it should and created a bug report for you regarding the missing data:

I've gone ahead and created a bug report about the missing data. I've also added your "vote" to an existing bug report about Zaps not triggering at all. That way, we've addressed both issues you mentioned.
To give you some context, the ZenMaid app is developed and maintained by the people who make that product. I've done some more digging and it looks like ZenMaid needs to make some changes to their integration.
We track bug reports (BRs) like this in a system that lets the developers at ZenMaid know when we receive BRs from folks like you. That also lets us email you when any changes or updates occur. I’ve gone ahead and documented your BR in that system. While I can't say for certain when this will get fixed, I can promise that we'll let you know when that happens!
Additionally, we recommend that you reach out to ZenMaid and request that they fix this bug. Our partners generally respond more quickly when they hear from their own customers and it’ll raise the visibility of your needs


I’m sorry that we didn’t have better news for you this time!