My Zap occasionally distributes the leads incorrectly to different team members.

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I have a zap set up from calendly to go high level which goes by the name of lead connector in zapier.

The calendar is set as a team calender that is set to round robin going to individual sales team member calendly accounts. For some reason when users are assigned a lead in the crm it is assigning the wrong contact to the wrong sales guy on occasion but not everytime.

I have seperate zaps set up for each sales person where when a lead is assigned to one calendar then the zap is supposed to add the lead to the crm and auto assign the lead to the correct sales person. It is triggering correctly and sending the lead to the crm but for some reason assigning the leads to the wrong sales person on occasion but not everytime.

I need some help with this if anyone has been through this issue before?

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Hi @jcrisp 

Good question.

Might be best to begin troubleshooting by reviewing the Zap Runs details to see the DATA IN/OUT for each Zap step to see if you can isolate the issue:

Otherwise, there may be some other automation configured in GHL that kicks in and is overriding what the Zap did after the fact.

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Hey there, @jcrisp! I wanted to swing by and see if you were still needing help with this? Keep us posted!