My Zap keeps sending duplicate messages on Slack

Hello everyone!


I’ve got this Zap that’s trigger by an email, sending out weekly stats for all of our employees.


Essentially, it details how much revenue they made, how much we made as a company, and how much they will be earning based on their commission. It also outlines any deductions from their bonuses. Some are not eligible for the commission for short periods of time, so I have a Path that send me the names of those who are not eligible. I also have a separate Path that tells an employee when their deductions have outvalued their commission, meaning they will not receive their commission this week.


The problem arises when the messages get sent out, it somehow duplicates the messages to everyone, despite me having a loop limit equal to the same amount of employees we have. 


Any help would be much appreciated! I can expand more on any of the steps in my Zap.


Also for those wondering, our employees get a decent base pay along with tips, the commission is really just a bonus to incentivize them to avoid costly mistakes, so before this Zap they didn’t really care about whether or not they got the bonus. Now that I’m sending these messages, they can see how much they could have potentially gained, which helps a lot to diminish those mistakes they make.


Thank you in advance for any help given!




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Hi @AaronM 

To troubleshoot, check your Zap Runs history details to see the timestamps and DATA IN/OUT for each step to help you trace the data flow:


For us to have more context post screenshots with how these Zap steps are configured in EDIT mode:

  • Step 14: Looping
  • Plus all steps after the Looping step
Step 14 - Looping

@Troy Tessalone  This is what I have set up for the loop, the number of times it loops is dependent on the number I send in the email as the number usually changes every week. I didn’t see anything amiss in the zaps that ran. Although I did get this error message: Error message: ("('Slack throttling only allows writing 1 chat message per second.', None)", None)

Do you think that adding a delay would resolve my issue? Could it just be a glitch due to the high amount of messages attempting to send out one after the other? I appreciate your response btw!

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You should probably add a Delay After Queue step:

Or use this approach:


If there is still an issue, for us to have more context, post screenshots with how these Zap steps are configured in EDIT mode: All steps after the Looping step