My Zap isn't consistently adding new users from ConnectWise Manage to PandaDoc.

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So this is an odd one. I have connected ConnectWise Manage and PandaDoc to sync contacts from Manage to Panda. This Zap does run and does not show any errors. But it does not pick up on every new user added for each company. Not sure where to start troublshooting this. So any advice would be help full. 

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@SW_GUS You’ve come to the right place! Let’s take a look. The best place to start in this situation would be providing a screenshot of both your trigger and any action(s) you have in your setup, similar to the ones below: 


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This is my current configuration

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Hey there, thanks for sharing this! I know this is a weird ask but curious if we can test something out.

Do you have a rough idea which contacts didn’t trigger the zap? The reason I ask is, currently there’s a known bug where if a “Company” was created at the same time the new contact was added it doesn’t trigger the zap. If you can’t recall (totally understandable), I might recommend doing a live test where you create the company at the same time and see if your zap fires.

Keep us posted!