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My Zap is duplicating multiple times unexpectedly.

  • 1 June 2023
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for some unknown reason, my "zap" is repeated several times



Best answer by SamB 1 June 2023, 14:14

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Hey there @Marc Barranco. Welcome to the Community! 🙂

When you say it’s repeated several times, is it that it’s triggering for the same information for the four runs of the Zap shown in the screenshot? Or is it that it’s adding the same information to Notion every time it runs?

If it’s triggering for the same information, is it that you’re using the New or Updated Subscriber trigger for Mailchimp and that’s triggering every time the subscriber is updated? If that’s the case are there only certain kinds of updates or instances that you’d want to have trigger the Zap? For example are you only wanting the Zap to add new subscribers, not updated subscribers?

If its that the Zap is adding the exact same information to Notion each time then it could be that the information was typed in manually, instead of selecting a field from the MailChimp trigger - Why is my Zap action adding the same data each time it occurs? Is that the case here?

Looking forward to hearing from you!