My support ticket has gone unanswered, and I need some assistance.

  • 9 August 2022
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I sent a support ticket to Zapier Support more than two days ago but no one responded. Today I sent another one but did not even receive the automated response.


I’m not sure what’s up. I have not experienced this problem before.


Anyone knows what’s going on?

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2 replies

Also here is the problem I’m experiencing if anyone can help out:

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Hi @ZapDude,

Welcome to Zapier Community! Happy to help here. 

The Zapier Support team does our best to reply quickly to all of our customers, but please note that it can take up to a day (24 hours) to receive a response depending on our queue volume! 

So sorry for the delay in the Support side of things, we received high volumes of tickets over the weekend so it could take more than 24 hours for someone to reply. 

Now for your question/concern, I watched the video and it looks like some of the data are not coming through from the trigger step to your action step. 

I recommend pulling in new sample data in the trigger step in the Editor. When that entry loads, you can re-test each of the action steps that failing originally and send the information through that way.

You pull fresh sample of data by following these steps:

  1. Open up the app that is sending information to Zapier. Create and submit a new entry that should trigger the Zap

  2. In a separate tab or window, open your Zap, and head to the “Test Trigger” section of the trigger. If sample data already exists, open the dropdown list of samples and select "Load More"

  3. The Zap will spend 10 seconds searching for more samples. If all went as it should, that new entry should appear in the list. If you don’t see that entry, select the “Load More” option again to pull in more samples

This guide can also help provide more details about setting up your Zap’s trigger:

Please let me know how it goes.