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My Google Sheets output values do not match my input values

Howdy! I’ve been having trouble with google sheets not formatting my dates correctly. It has a correct input value, but the output value does not match the input. All other columns are formatted correctly in the output, it is just the one with the date. What else is weird is that I have another branch to update a row, and when I update the date there, it formats it correctly. In both branches, the data is gotten from the same variable. What is happening here, and is there a way to get around this? 



Best answer by rattzombie 24 July 2022, 06:24

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I see what the issue is now! Google sheets is formatting the date as a number instead of a date. I needed to go to format and change the cell to format as a date instead of a number. I found the solution here.

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Hey @rattzombie so glad you were able to find a solution to the issue you were experiencing! And thanks for coming back to this thread to share it with others as well. 🙂